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Why Comparing Digital Investments to Real Estate is Ridiculous - A Guide for Investors

Investing in digital assets like stocks, cryptocurrency, and real estate can be confusing, especially when trying to compare the three. However, it's important to understand that each type of investment has its own unique characteristics and potential benefits, and it's foolish to compare them as if they are one and the same. In this blog post, we'll explore why comparing digital investments to real estate is ridiculous and discuss the key factors to consider when deciding between these different asset classes. Real estate and digital investments are two completely different asset classes with their own strengths and weaknesses. Real estate investments are typically highly leveraged, meaning that investors can borrow money to make a purchase. This allows for the potential for greater returns but also magnifies the risks. In Canada, it's not uncommon to see loan-to-value ratios of 80% or more, which means that investors are only putting down 20% of the total investment a

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