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NXOI Next 1 Interactive, Inc

Next 1 Interactive, Inc. (the "Company") is a media based company focusing on two segments; travel and real estate. This has been made possible through acquisitions, the most notable of which is the acquisition of Resort and Residence TV ("R&R" or the "Network") in August of 2009. The R&R network was launched on November 6, 2009, into roughly 21 million households with DirecTV and Comcast. The Company has plans to expand R&R's 24/7 full time lifestyle programming network through multiple platforms including cable, satellite, broadband and web distribution, along with the introduction of interactive and transactional capabilities. Additionally, the Network has plans to include two distinct video on demand "channels" called R&R Travel on Demand and R&R Homes TV on Demand supported by websites and call centers. This new model will allow consumers their choice of platforms (TV, web, and mobile) to view and transact i

Microsoft Launches Windows Phone 8

World's Greatest Drag Race 2!

Sleeper-Street present ADV.1 Wheels

750li with 22" Asanti ELT 150

NYSE, Nasdaq, Options Markets Closed Due to Sandy

Hurricane Update: Schools, Airports, NYSE Closed

Wi-LAN Inc. (WIN)

The Company develops, acquires, and licenses a range of intellectual property that drives products in communications and consumer electronics markets, which include wireless fidelity data over cable service, multi mode wireless, bluetooth and V-Chip.  

BDRBF Bombardier Inc

Bombardier is a world-leading manufacturer of innovative transportation solutions, from commercial aircraft and business jets to rail transportation equipment, systems and services.  

SRNG Shelron Group, Inc

Shelron Group, Inc. (Symbol:SRNG) is a New York based mineral exploration and development company focused on discovering the next major gold And copper mines in Tanzania, Ghana, and searching for more in the Americas. Shelron Group Inc, engages in the acquisition, exploration, evaluation, and development of mineral resource properties in Tanzania,Ghana and South America. The company's property portfolio includes an option to acquire a 70% interest in Tanzania where the properties are in two regions (Kahama and Geita) that are characterized by large areas of proven Gold reserves and large scale mining activity.Shelron negotiating more deals to increase its portfolio.The company incorporates in Delaware and headquartered in New York.

SSOL Sunvalley Solar, Inc

Sunvalley Solar Inc. is a leading solar system solution provider that offers comprehensive solar energy technology, system design, installation, equipments, and technical support for electrical contractors, builders, homeowners, businesses/commercial buildings, and government entities that assist them in lowering or utility bills, reducing environmental impacts, and increasing energy reliability and independence through solar energy. Located in Los Angeles, California, Sunvalley Solar Inc. is one committed to reducing the world's carbon foot print from traditional energy sources to make renewable sources such as solar the nation's mainstream source of power.  


DEWM Dewmar International BMC, Inc Beverage Manufacturer & Brand Management Company. BBDA Bebida Beverage Co Bebida Beverage Company Wyoming is the sole owner of BeBevCo Holding LLC a Wyoming company.

2013 BMW M6 V8-Biturbo (1080p FULL HD)

SMAA SMA Alliance, Inc

SMA Alliance, Inc. is a software and application company aggregating local buying demand for businesses. Specifically, SMA Alliance, Inc leverages its technology and applications in internet focused lead generation, which drives live buyers to retailers through conversion of individual online product interest into buyers soliciting purchase from retailers instantly.  SMA Alliance currently is focused on the automobile industry, providing automobile retailers 10 to 100 times buying demand on a daily basis through application of proprietary technology and managed systems.  Through its technology and applications, SMA Alliance drives buying demand from local markets to local automobile dealers which are subscribed to SMA Alliance or its subsidiaries. The system and process software is installed and managed from centralized location and is currently serving localized dealers throughout the entire United States.  The system is scalable to a worldwide audience of local

RNDR Rounder, Inc

Rounder, Inc. is a bifurcated enterprise whereby its corporate business and entertainment experiences, though separate, shall function cooperatively having complementary nuances subscribing to the same set of overall corporate objectives. Rounder is being officially established as an online gaming company, offering extraordinarily innovative takes on every version of free-play and real-money ready play poker set to serve as our flagship product. Additionally, Rounder is now beginning to adopt measures to develop a more well-ROUNDED suite of offerings, in addition to the typical poker experiences designed to engage a more prevalent user demographic without disengaging our mainstream poker enthusiasts.  The Rounder thesis introduces a blend of the uniquely 3D Vegas-styled online games, integrated advertising, convenient e-commerce, the compelling attributes of video games, its own currency, a social networking community, and user-friendly control schemes and accessibility.

America's Top Economic Stimulators

Conjure Cognac's New Commercial Starring Chris "Ludacris"

2013 Cadillac ATS: BMW Beware?

Medical Marijuana Inc. (MJNA)

Medical Marijuana Inc., is a publicly traded holding company which invests, develops and owns subsidiaries engaged in a number of diversified international businesses within the Medical Cannabis and Industrial Hemp Industries.

HEMP Hemp, Inc

The Company was originally founded to market coffee from the Philippines around the world, it was and still is a development stage company. In November of 2009 the General Manager, Bruce Perlowin, was made the President, CEO, and Chairman of the Board and with Mr. Perlowin's past experience it was determined to expand the original business plan to include supplying products and services to the Medical Marijuana industry. The products and services are legal at all levels, local, state, and federal. The Company determined that a social network would be the most effective vehicle for the distribution of goods and services to the market and has added that network to its development phase.

HE-5 Resources Corporation New (HRRN)

ARCHEOS Entertainment is actively involved in several fields of the entertainment industry. The Company has developed an innovative model in the industry that focuses on funding, management, marketing, production and distribution of TV series, films, docudramas, and multimedia.

MSEZ Media Sentiment, Inc

We own and operate an online news media analysis research service. The service is called Media Sentiment(R) and it measures the sentiment of earnings news release coverage, or what we refer to as Media Sentiment. The central premise behind Media Sentiment is that media reports about the American economy in general and about specific, publicly traded companies contain important information which can be quantified, graphed, and presented to our customers in a manner that helps them understand media sentiment in order to make more informed decisions related to it. This can benefit our customers as they interpret and track the potential impact of media sentiment on the overall financial markets and as it may affect particular companies.

OncoSec Medical Incorporated (ONCS)

Oncosec Medical Incorporated develops novel ElectroOncology therapies that combine its proprietary electroporation delivery technology with a chemotherapeutic or novel DNA-based immunotherapeutics. Targeted delivery of these agents is designed to achieve selective destruction of cancerous tumors, resulting in improved functional, cosmetic and quality of life outcomes.

What to Expect From Apple's Smaller Tablet

Jaguar Heritage Racing - A Design Legacy


Mimvi, Inc., a development stage company, focuses on developing algorithms and technology for personalized search, recommendation, and discovery services to the consumer and enterprise. The company’s personalization technology automates the organization of content. Its technology assists people to search for and find personalized mobile applications, such as iPhone apps, Google Android apps, Windows Mobile apps, Nokia apps, and others

BOCX BioCurex, Inc

We are a development stage company focusing on developing and commercializing products for the early detection, diagnosis and monitoring the recurrence of cancer. We have developed a blood test that can detect the presence of cancer in humans and animals using a new cancer marker named RECAF . We developed and own, royalty-free, the proprietary technology related to the RECAF marker, with patents granted in the United States, Europe and China and pending in other major worldwide markets.

ELAY eLayaway, Inc

eLayaway, Inc., is a publicly-traded (ELAY), American payment and retail technology company headquartered in Tallahassee, Florida. The Company provides the management, administrative, marketing, IT and other pertinent resources for its six subsidiaries; DivvyTech, Inc.,, Inc.,, Inc.,, Inc.,, Inc. and, Inc. Originally founded as a layaway payment application, eLayaway's core technology is now being utilized to develop innovative payment solutions for various industries. Managed by its subsidiary DivvyTech, this diversification strategy offers the Company and its technology the opportunity to serve a wider spectrum of both consumers and merchants. While the Company's retail division,, continues to serve the layaway consumers and merchants, DivvyTech leads the Company into new markets with payment solutions designed to serve the healthcare, credit, collections and travel indust

2013 Maserati GranCabrio MC Promo

Facebook To Sell Access to 900 Million Members

Google Passes Microsoft in Market-Cap

BLUG Blugrass Energy, Inc

It is an oil and gas exploration and development Company focusing on creating a portfolio of North American assets that exhibit consistent, predictable, and long-lived production capabilities.

LGBS Legends Business Group, Inc

Legends Business Group, Inc., (traded under the symbol "LGBS") was incorporated in March 2006, and is a publicly traded company. The company originally specialized in business consulting for companies that utilize both LEC (Local Exchange Carrier) billing and alternative billing services. Currently the company has refocused its mission to look for, test and acquire alternative and exotic energy products and technology and bring them out to the marketplace.

McLaren P1 Hypercar: 2012