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$PLC Park Lawn Corporation | Exchange: TSX

Park Lawn Corp owns and operates cemeteries, crematoriums, and funeral homes across Canada. The Company provides goods and services associated with the disposition and memorialization of human remains


The Future of Playboy

Worlds fastest SUV?

GDAR Golden Age Resources, Inc

Golden Age Resources, Inc. is in the business of home health care referral services. The Company is a lead generation portal, selling qualified leads to home health care companies throughout the United States. The Company receives their leads through an online questionnaire, which is simple and informative. As the individual fills out the required form, their information is relayed to the Company where a representative reviews the information. Company representatives search for companies in the area for the services that are needed in order to provide the most adequate care requested and helping seniors and their families locate quality home health and assisted living elder services with ease and confidence. The Company assists individuals in locating quality home health and assisted living senior care solutions without the aggravation of doing all the leg work themselves and can provide financing plans for home health options that fit every budget. Golden Age Resources, Inc. will se…

ALQA Alliqua, Inc.

Alliqua, Inc., a biomedical products company, through its subsidiaries, focuses on the development and manufacture of proprietary technologies in the fields of drug delivery, advanced wound care, and liver health preservation. The company intends to develop, manufacture, and market active ingredient and transdermal drug delivery products, primarily utilizing the proprietary hydrogel technology platform. It also manufactures custom hydrogels that are used for transdermal drug delivery, wound care, medical diagnostics, and cosmetics. In addition, Alliqua offers HepaMate, an extracorporeal cell-based bioartificial liver system to combine blood detoxification with liver cell therapy to provide whole liver function in patients with the severe forms of liver failure.

RTXB Republic of Texas Brands Incorporated

Republic of Texas Brands Incorporated (RTXB) has a distinct unique brand and logo that captures the emotion attached to Texas and its independent attitude, recognized and loved around the world. RTXB strategy will be to license its trademark and logo to The Republic of Texas Brands Incorporated Since 2011 and "1824" to its own subsidiaries and is actively seeking licensing possibilities with other corporations. 1824 Texas Best BBQ will be opening our unique 1824 Texas Best BBQ Restaurants soon.

SUTI SUTIMCo International, Inc

SUTIMCo International, Inc. is a holding company, which utilizes a unique and established platform to launch new technology enterprises based on world-class university research discoveries. SUTIMCo International, through its wholly owned subsidiary SUTIMCo, Inc., provides experienced management to early stage companies, reducing risk and assuring the know-how in launching and growing a new company.

Grinnell College's Jack Taylor

2012 BMW Alpina B7

REVO Revolutionary Concepts Inc

Revolutionary Concepts, Inc. is a development stage company focused on the design and development of the Eye Talk Communicator. It serves as an entry management system and gives users the ability to remotely and interactively monitor via two-way communication and control an IP camera while using a personal communication device. Additional uses for the device include medical applications, sporting component, and child monitoring technology. Revolutionary Concepts, Inc is headquartered in Matthews, NC with consultants located throughout the United Sates.

Million Dollar Rooms-The life of rich millionaires Rich,Bold,beautiful and spectacular

TMHO Talisman Holdings, Inc

The Company is structured as a holding company with long-term growth strategy predicated on creating or acquiring operating subsidiaries or affiliates, which are owned in whole or part by Talisman. To that end, the Company intends to actively pursue a course of formation and acquisition of other companies so as to create a coalition of sister companies within the Talisman framework which all have a synergy of interest.

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Target's 'Black Thursday' Upsets Some Shareholders

MXSG Mexus Gold US

Mexus Gold US is engaged in the evaluation, acquisition, exploration and advancement of gold exploration and development projects in the state of Nevada and Mexico, as well as, the salvage of precious metals from identifiable sources. Our main activities in the near future will be comprised of our mining opportunity, completion of the acquisition of Mexus Gold S.A. de C.V. and the cable salvage opportunity. Our mining opportunity located in the state of Nevada and the completion of the acquisition and merger of Mexus Gold S.A. de C.V. which holds properties in the state of Sonora, Mexico will provide us with projects to recover gold, silver, cooper and other precious metals. The cable salvage opportunity involves principally the recovery of copper and lead from abandoned cable previously utilized for communications purposes. Each of these opportunities are discussed further herein. In addition, our management will look for opportunities to improve the value of the gold projects that …

IPRU Innovative Product Opportunities, Inc

Our business is a product
development firm to meet the needs of new and emerging product ideas. Our Certified Engineering Technicians can participate in the
creation of products, from hand sketches and design through prototyping and
construction. We offer project management to assist our client to produce
finished parts ready to market in numerous industries including, but not
limited to, consumer and household goods, office products, furniture, and toys.

PVSP Pervasip Corp

Pervasip Corp. delivers wholesale voice over IP (VoIP) telephone services for the residential and small business markets through its wholly owned subsidiary, VoX Communications. Leveraging a nationwide VoIP network and internally developed proprietary software and product features, VoX offers a private-label digital voice program sold to cable operators, cell phone carriers, WiMax carriers, CLECs, ISPs and resellers. VoX differentiates itself through a unique combination of high quality voice services, flexible back-office capabilities and automated provisioning systems that enable a quick turn-up for service providers and business entities, such as call centers. It offers a feature-rich, low-cost, high-quality alternative to traditional phone services.

Samsung's Flexible Smartphone Screens

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The Greed Game

CADY Digital Caddies, Inc

Digital Caddies provides golf courses technology solutions utilizing wireless connectivity and tablet technology installed on golf carts at golf courses that opens up a social media connection between the golfer and the golf course. The content provided to the golfer through the tablet is specifically designed to promote interaction with the device while they play golf and thus provides an excellent opportunity for the golf course and advertisers to interact directly with golfers in ways that have not been possible before.

GCEI Global Clean Energy, Inc

Global Clean Energy, Inc. is a waste-to-energy conversion solutions company, focused on using available and developing technologies to recover and/or extract from unconventional industrially abandoned or formerly uneconomic sources to commercially viable Energy Resource Materials (ERM). This process results in two distinct benefits: 1.converting formerly unusable waste into a viable ERM, and 2. restoring formerly environmentally blighted land to a usable form, a process the Companya refers to as Reforming Environmental Salvage into Clean Usable Energy (R.E.S.C.U.E.).
The Company's strategy is to utilize newly developed and proven conversion and reprocessing technologies to produce clean burning viable energy sources from the ERM. The Company has developed proprietary technologies to focus on two specific niches of the Green Alternative Energy Sector (GAES).First the conversion of slurry pond residues to dry slurry through its' proprietary "Cyclonic Dredging" technol…

FRZT Freeze Tag, Inc

We are in the business of acquiring or developing and publishing casual games. We obtain games through three main sources: licenses, creation of original games, and the use of third-party developers. Most of the games with which we are involved are published in one or more of three platforms, or methods of distribution. These platforms are PC/Mac downloads, mobile, and other emerging platforms like social gaming sites.

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Global Green Inc. (GOGC)

Global Green, Inc. is a green pharmaceutical company committed to identifying technology platforms and commercializing products that contain natural organisms that are not genetically modified, utilizing pharmaceutical standards. The Salmogenics Vaccine, Global Green's flagship product, is differentiated from other Salmonella vaccines in that it is injected directly into the egg, before the chick is hatched. Automated injection of fertilized eggs versus manual injection of chicks or adult chickens offers a cost savings to the worldwide poultry growing industry. The Vaccine protects the chicks, adult chickens and humans who consume these chickens from dangerous Salmonella food poisoning, providing a healthier source of protein for humans. The Vaccine is currently in the last stage of the USDA approval process. Upon receiving approval, Salmogenics will be manufactured and marketed to the poultry industry.

ONCI On4 Communications, Inc

On4 is a development stage company, whose original business was providing wireless communications solutions to telecommunication companies, consumers and businesses. Its main technology was a platform that was comprised of a global positioning management system that was able to track people, pets, assets and inventory via two-way communication devices such as Web browsers, instant messengers and mobile phones.

DDCC Double Crown Resources Inc

Double Crown Resources Inc. is a natural resource exploration and development company holding a 100% interest in the McNab molybdenum property located in Southwest, British Columbia, Canada and the Bateman gold & nickel prospect near Thunder Bay,Ontario, Canada. In addition, Double Crown is targeting new properties that have the potential for early positive cash flow. The company is presently reviewing a number of natural resource properties that are near to, or in production, located in North, South and Latin America. Double Crown Resources, Inc., originally founded in 2006 as Denarii Resources Inc., is based in Arcata, California.

MILV Mistral Ventures, Inc

Nature's Bioceuticals develops and acquires the rights to natural medicine formulas that are geared towards treating specific medical conditions. These medicines are all natural and derived from botanicals and mineral bases. Nature?s Bioceuticals strives to provide high quality natural medicines that are as effective, if not more effective, than synthetic drugs and more importantly do not have the negative side effects usually associated with many of today's prescribed drugs. Nature's line of natural medicines will be either sold as prescription drugs, if applied for by the company and approved by the FDA, or sold as dietary supplements under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994, commonly referred to as "DSHEA"

Red States, Blue States and the Stock Market - Election 2012


REVO Revolutionary Concepts Inc

Revolutionary Concepts, Inc. is a development stage company focused on the design and development of the Eye Talk Communicator. It serves as an entry management system and gives users the ability to remotely and interactively monitor via two-way communication and control an IP camera while using a personal communication device. Additional uses for the device include medical applications, sporting component, and child monitoring technology. Revolutionary Concepts, Inc is headquartered in Matthews, NC with consultants located throughout the United Sates.

SBCO Small Business Company

SBCO is a publically traded company.
Small Business Company is a corporation registered in the State of Delaware.
The new management intends to file an N-2 in the very near future to form a BDC (Business Development Company) which will use the the same trading symbol, but will have a name change to SELECT BUSINESS AND CORPORATION OPPORTUNITIES, INC.
SELECT will then become a publically traded Venture Capital Firm registered under the US Investment Act of 1940.
Initially, the company will invest in eight different business areas to bring diversification to SBCO and increase shareholder value.


At this time, Inc is in the process of notifying all financial institutions of the company's new direction. Inc (ICTY.PK) has made a strategic initiative to focus its core business on the lucrative precious metals mining sectors. As a result, its business strategies are currently targeted towards junior mining companies that are in need of capital infusion, to expand production capabilities and advance proven properties. With an eye towards international expansion, ICTY has selected properties in North America and West Africa.

New Big Wheel Tricycles for Big Kids (i.e. Adults)

Remembrance Vignette

AMBS Amarantus Biosciences, Inc

Amarantus BioSciences, Inc. is a California-based development-stage biotechnology company founded in January 2008. The Company focuses on developing its intellectual property and proprietary technology to develop drug candidates to treat human disease. The Company owns the intellectual property rights to a therapeutic protein known as Mesencephalic-Astrocyte-derived Neurotrophic Factor (“MANF”).
MANF is a protein that corrects protein misfolding. Protein misfolding is one of the major causes of apoptosis (cell death). This property provides a compelling rationale for the research & development of MANF-based products as therapeutics for human disease. Amarantus’ lead MANF product development effort is centered on a therapy for Parkinson ’s disease.
The Company also owns an inventory of 88 cell lines that the Company refers to as PhenoGuard Cell Lines. MANF was the first therapeutic protein discovered from a PhenoGuard Cell Line. The Company believes that it may identify additional…

POWT POWRtec International Corp

POWRtec is a dynamic and unique energy monitoring company with the potential to dominate the smart meter industry with its innovative intelligent smart meters. POWRtec's meters are network-enabled and can be built to utilize virtually any communications protocol. This empowers the intelligent smart meters to directly control network enabled, power-draining devices by switching them on and off in accordance with the desired energy output, resulting in more efficient use of resources, smaller energy bills and enormous benefits to the environment. POWRtec's products can directly reduce the amount of energy waste and make a meaningful difference to the environment.