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VOIS, Inc., is a social commerce website. It unites social networking and online commerce into social commerce. It helps people to find and do business with buyers and sellers of on-demand work or manufacturing around the world. http://http//  

New Pebble Smart Watch

Green Innovations Ltd. (GNIN)

Green Innovations Ltd imports and distributes bamboo based hygienic products. Its products include facial tissue, copy paper, notebook and office paper, meat platters, cosmetic wipes and pads, toilet rolls, among others. http://http//  

Finding the Breaking Point of the CAT Mobile Phone

AXLX Axiologix, Inc

Axiologix is an International Technology and Services Organization focused on delivering Cloud-based Products and Services. Axiologix is a provider of Voice, Data and Cloud services to US small and medium size businesses and other operators globally.  

Safe Technolgs International Inc. New (SFAZ)

Safe Technologies International Inc. is a technology solutions company that specializes in providing managed technology solutions including online backup and disaster recovery for mission-critical data, remote technical support and Total Office solutions that are provided on an outsourced, rapidly-deployed, fixed-cost basis to small and medium sized businesses.  

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R


Aston Martin DB9 vs Mercedes-Benz CL65 AMG! - Head 2 Head

Natural Nano Inc. (NNAN)

NaturalNano, Inc. is engaged in the research, development, production and marketing of its proprietary technologies relating to the treatment and separation of nanotubes from halloysite clay and the development of related commercial applications. http://http//  

Meteorite Injures Hundreds in Russia

OPIX Odyssey Pictures Corp

ODYSSEY PICTURES CORPORATION is engaged in a full range of media and marketing related activities, including content acquisition, multi-platform distribution and corporate finance. As these lines of business grow and mature, Odyssey is well positioned in the converging global sectors of new media, entertainment and strategic marketing.

JCG Restorations 1968 Camaro -- BIG MUSCLE

WGAS Worthington Energy, Inc

Paxton Energy, Inc. is an Oil & Gas company that is developing properties that provide a balance between short and long-term reserves in both the oil and natural gas markets. Oil and gas related activities will focus on acquiring additional properties with potential for development and drilling to establish and maintain a significant inventory of undeveloped prospects.

MEDL MEDL Mobile Holdings, Inc

Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Pro - Walt Mossberg Reviews

CERP Cereplast, Inc

Cereplast, Inc designs and manufactures proprietary starch-based, and algae-based bio-plastic resins. These bio-resins can replace a significant portion of the petroleum-based additives with bio-based material such as starches from tapioca, corn, wheat and potatoes; and algae, which can be cultivated for specific uses. Demand from consumers and manufacturers for bio-plastics is growing exponentially.  

HRRN HE-5 Resources Corp

ARCHEOS Entertainment is actively involved in several fields of the entertainment industry. The Company has developed an innovative model in the industry that focuses on funding, management, marketing, production and distribution of TV series, films, docudramas, and multimedia.

Twisted French Edition Promotional Video 2012


IZEA Inc. is an online media marketing company. The Company connects advertisers with social media publishers, helping them monetize their social media presence. http://http//  

FOYJ Foy-Johnston, Inc

Foy-Johnston through it's wholly owned subsidiary Cameroon Mines is involved in enhancing exploration and mining assets through diligent application of technical and commercial expertise for the benefit of all stakeholders of Foy-Johnston in an efficient and environmentally responsible manner.  

IMNG iMing Corp

IMING Corp is a provider of high-definition web based television and video?s for the Chinese Market with the goal of being a leading provider of set-top boxes in Asia and expanding into North America and Europe.  

Supercars: Pagani Huayra

BORK Bourque Industries, Inc.

Bourque Industries is a publicly-traded advanced materials science company based in Tucson, Arizona, that develops and produces metal alloys and related product applications using our revolutionary metal-alloying process, Kryron.


Obama Throws Support to Senate Gun-Control Bill


DROP Fuse Science, Inc

Fuse Science, Inc. is a life sciences company which has developed and maintains the rights to sublingual and transdermal delivery systems for the efficient delivery to humans of energy, medicines, vitamins and minerals.  

TRTC Terra Tech Corp

Through its wholly-owned subsidiary GrowOp Technology, Terra Tech Corp specializes in controlled environment agricultural technologies. The company integrates best-of-breed hydroponic equipment with proprietary software and hardware to provide sustainable solutions for indoor agriculture enterprises and home practitioners.  

The Rock's Milk 'Morning Run' Super Bowl Ad

Are TVs Growing Bigger Than They Need To Be?