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Bergio is entering into our 20th year of operations and concentrates sales on boutique, upscale jewelry stores. We currently sell our jewelry to approximately 150 independent jewelry retailers across the United States and have spent over $3 million in branding the Bergio name through tradeshows, trade advertising, national advertising and billboard advertising since launching the line in 1995. We have manufacturing control over our line as a result of having a manufacturing facility in New Jersey as well as subcontracts with facilities in Italy and Bangkok.


Mining Global, Inc.s objective is to build and operate world-class mines and develop a robust portfolio of assets in North America with the focus on organic growth and early stage acquisitions. The exceptional experience and strength of Mining Global, Inc's management team, combined with the excellent infrastructure and robust economics of the Arizona mining industry, sets Mining Global to become a leading Gold development and mining company.


SAFER SHOT, INC (PINK SHEETS:SAFS.PK) has developed a line of non-lethal weapons that utilize a proprietary kinetic projectile cartridge. The deployment of Non-Lethal weapons minimizes the potential for fatalities and long term injury.


Bayside Corp. is an American multinational corporation, that manages multiple subsidiary companies engaged in a variety of business industries and sectors. . At Bayside Corp. we believe that the future is now and that our efforts today will have a long lasting impact for generations to come.

Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions (REFG:US)

The Issuer is a provider of integrated supply and distribution technology mandated by many of these states, and the best solution for providers in all states. The Issuer is expanding the legitimate market for medicinal cannabis, and serving all market participants with an integrated, one-stop solution that will document and assure compliance with all applicable regulations that producers and distributors must follow under their respective state laws..