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Volvo XC90 Excellence Lounge Console Concept

Steve Harvey Tells You How To Make A Million Dollars

(GEAR) Gear International Inc.

GEAR International is a public company that offers a viable and often creative funding resource and joint venture opportunities for companies seeking unconventional funding, hard asset loans, expansion capital and/or other resources.

(ACOL) Acology Inc.

Acology, Inc. represents itself as a innovative company operating in the fields of manufacturing, branding, sales, consulting and has most recently brought a revolutionary design to the forefront, the first-ever polypropylene (PP) air-tight, water-tight , smell-proof delivery and storage system which also embodies a grinding component.

(ARYC) Arrayit Corp.

Arrayit leads professionals in the microarray industry by developing, manufacturing and marketing life science tools and integrated laboratory platforms for the analysis of genetic variation, biological function, and diagnostics.