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(DPWW) Diego Pellicer Worldwide, Inc.

Diego Pellicer Worldwide Inc. is a real estate and a consumer retail development company that is focused on developing Diego Pellicer as the world's first "premium" marijuana brand by adhering to the highest quality and standards for its facilities along with both cannabis and non-cannabis products.

Score - The Ultimate Match Maker

(APPG) Apptigo International Inc.

Apptigo is a non-conforming, highly creative agency, corporate incubator and investment vehicle headquartered in Miami, Florida. Apptigo is focused on designing, developing and bringing to market cutting edge, mobile apps that "entice the soul," "stimulate the mind" and "make downloads worth downloading and experiences worth experiencing."

(GVSI) Good Vibrations Shoes Inc.

Good Vibrations Shoes, Inc. operates wholly owned subsidiary, Long Beard Brewing Company, a Craft Brewery based in Eastern Long Island, New York. The Company has an exciting line of tasty craft brews including ?Old Scruff Pale Ale? and "Evolution 90 Minute IPA." Long Beard Brewing Co. occupies a former firehouse, the perfect venue to build out its close to 4000 sqft brewery including a 900 sqft tasting room, which should open in the spring.

700 mph in a tube: The Hyperloop experience

2018 Lincoln Navigator Concept First Look - 2016 New York Auto Show

The robotic chef - Moley Robotics

LG phone's new unique design

The Best Tech Under $100 

Tesla Model S for Kids by Radio Flyer

BMW Vision Self Driving Car World Premiere 2016 New BMW Vision Concept Commercial BMW Vision CARJAM

(ANAS) Alternaturals, Inc.

Alternaturals, Inc. manufactures and sells alternative healthcare products including an all-natural sleep aids, as well as many natural substitutes for popular prescription drugs. The company also plans to operate as a distribution company to centralize the fragmented alternative health product industries. Find out more on twitter: @alternaturals or email:

Atlas the Humanoid Robot in Action

Tiny Bubbles May Be the Next Big Thing

(SSTC) Safe & Secure TV Channel, Inc.

We are the first television network and multimedia information and distribution company to serve the homeland security and emergency preparedness industry. Unifying internet broadband television, print magazine publishing and the latest electronic media, the Company's proprietary media distribution platform, customer service, and marketing tools are specifically designed to enable multi-channel customer communication and relationship development in the safety and security industry.

(MMHC) Medically Minded, Inc.

Medically Minded is a corporation focused on providing medical cannabis, medical cannabis-related products, and medical tourist services in the U.S. Virgin Islands and the greater United States, including U.S. Territories.

FIRST LOOK: Lamborghini Centenario LP770-4 - Geneva 2016