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$PLC Park Lawn Corporation | Exchange: TSX

Park Lawn Corp owns and operates cemeteries, crematoriums, and funeral homes across Canada. The Company provides goods and services associated with the disposition and memorialization of human remains


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[LDS] Lifestyle Delivery Systems Inc | Canadian Securities Exchange

Lifestyle Delivery Systems Inc is engaged in the development and licensing of the technologies that produce oral delivery systems used for energy elixirs, herbal remedies and a smokeless alternative option to medical and recreational users of cannabis.

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[BLO] Cannabix Technologies Inc. | Canadian Securities Exchange

Cannabix Technologies Inc is a technology company. The Company is engaged in developing Cannabix marijuana breathalzer.

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[HAIR] Restoration Robotics Inc. | Exchange: NASDAQ

Restoration Robotics Inc is a medical device company. It develops and commercializes a robotic device, the ARTAS System, that assists physicians in surgery.

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[GSRX] Green Spirit Industries, Inc .

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[KASH] HashChain Technology Inc. | Exchange: TSXV

HashChain Technology Inc is a cryptocurrency mining company. Its Dash Rigs and Bitcoin Rigs are used to obtain rewards for confirming transactions on specific Blockchain applications.

[HSSHF] HashChain Technology Inc - Ordinary Shares | Exchange: OTCQB

Tesla semi-truck orders are a marketing tool for corporations: Truck driver

These Trump voters cheer stock highs, but aren't inv...

[NODC] Nodechain Inc - Ordinary Shares | Exchange: OTC Pink

Nodechain Inc is engaged in the digital cryptocurrency mining and transaction validation operations. The company mines Ethereum and Bitcoin.

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