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Creative ways pot producers are fighting for your business

[FOOD] Goodfood Market Corp. | Exchange: TSX

Goodfood Market Corp is a dinner subscription service delivering fresh ingredients that make it easy for subscribers to prepare delicious meals at home every week.

Cannabis Beverages

Travisten Trader Tip: Short Selling

Short selling is the sale of borrowed shares by the seller. When an investor or trader has reason to believe a security may drop in price, it can be borrowed and bought back at a profit. In theory, your short selling losses could be unlimited so this strategy should only be used by experienced investors/traders. The art of short selling is the best book I've read on the subject. You can click the image to buy from Amazon.

Blockchain Will Further Power Mobile Gaming Growth: Samuel Pelaez

What Marijuana Looks Like Under A Microscope

[RIV] Canopy Rivers Inc. | Exchange: TSXV

Canopy Rivers (TSXV:RIV) is a unique investment and operating platform structured to pursue opportunities in the emerging global cannabis sector. The Company is managed by an experienced team of qualified financial and technical professionals with deep industry experience and relationship networks; but what makes Canopy Rivers truly unique is the Company’s strategic partnership and cornerstone investment from Canopy Growth Corporation (TSX:WEED, NYSE:CGC).

[ALEF] Aleafia Health Inc. | Exchange: TSXV

Aleafia operates the largest medicinal cannabis clinic network in Canada and has 50,000 unique patients to date. The company is a federally licensed producer and will reach a funded annual production capacity of 38,000 kg of cannabis flower in 2019.

[NBEV] New Age Beverages Corporation | Exchange: Nasdaq

New Age Beverages Corp is engaged in positioning itself as a healthy beverage company integrating its búcha Live Kombucha business, strengthening the businesses foundation and processes.

Bitcoin: Boom Or Bust (Part 1)

[LIFT] Lift & Co. Corp | Exchange: TSXV

Lift is a community of Canadian patients who share information and reviews about Health Canada’s federal medical cannabis program (the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations aka the ACMPR), its licensed producers, and the strains and oils they produce.

[KHRN] Khiron Life Sciences Corp. | Exchange: TSXV

Khiron Life Sciences Corp is a Canadian integrated medical cannabis company with its core operations in Colombia. It focuses on developing and commercializing top quality medically-validated products and other pharmaceutical products.

[JWCA] James E. Wagner Cultivation Corporation | Exchange: TSXV

James E. Wagner Cultivation Corporation is the parent company of a licensed producer of medical cannabis-based in Kitchener, Ontario. The company grows, produces and sells medical cannabis.

[NDVA] Indiva Limited | Exchange: TSXV

Indiva Ltd is engaged in supplying medical cannabis. The company offers dried cannabis flowers and oils. It also offers sativas, indicas, and hybrids. The company operates in one segment that is the Production of medical marijuana.

[NINE] Delta 9 Cannabis Inc. | Exchange: TSXV

Delta 9 Cannabis Inc is a Canada-based company engaged in Biotechnology and Medical Research. The company is a licensed producer of medical marijuana and operates a production facility in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Travisten Investor Tips: D.R.I.P

D.R.I.P is an acronym for dividend reinvestment program. Instead of receiving dividend payments into your trading account it's reinvested into the company (automatically) growing your investment little by little. D.R.I.P's are also a good way to avoid paying fee's because there's no broker to needed to complete the trade. While D.R.I.P's are great, always remember that not all company D.R.I.P plans are made equal.

[HVG] Harvest Gold Corp. | Exchange: TSXV

Harvest Gold Corp is a mineral exploration and resource development company which is engaged in the business of acquiring, exploring and evaluating natural resource properties. Also Listed On  Exchange: OTC Grey Market [HVGDF] 

[GTT] GT Gold Corp. | Exchange: TSXV

GT Gold Corp is a mining company. It is engaged in the exploration of Tatogga Lake Property and New Nanik Property located in British Columbia.

Kevin O'Leary Gets Real About Why You Must Be Ruthless in Business | Inc.

[KBEVF] KOIOS Commercial | Exchange: OTC Pink

[APS] Aptose Biosciences Inc. | Exchange: TSX

Aptose Biosciences Inc is a clinical-stage biotechnology company committed to discovering and developing personalized therapies addressing unmet medical needs in oncology.

[PRN] Profound Medical Corp. | Exchange: TSX

Profound Medical Corp is a medical technology company. It develops a treatment to ablate the prostate gland in prostate cancer patients.

[BNC] Purpose Canadian Financial Income Fund | Exchange: TSX

The fund seeks to provide regular income in diverse market environments and protect capital from changes in interest rates over time by allocating its assets primarily among a broad range of investment grade fixed income securities and maintaining overall portfolio duration of no more than 2.5 years.

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[SONO] Introducing the Versatile, Powerful Sonos Amp

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The Pioneers of Canada’s Illegal Cannabis Edibles Markets

Travisten Trader Terms: Bear Raid

The objective of a bear raid is usually to push a stocks price lower by exploitative short sellers looking to make quick money from their short positions. These short sellers start by spreading disadvantageous rumors about a specific company, usually going through difficult times. However, while short selling is perfectly legal, It's coordinated short selling that's viewed as market manipulation by the SEC and spreading rumors are fraudulent activities. 

Mercedes takes on Tesla with first fully electric car

[JBFCY] [JBFCF] Philippines’ Best-Tasting Fried Chicken | Jollibee Philippines

Bougainville Ventures Inc. (CSE:BOG) New Listing

Wall Street Interest in Marijuana Is at All-Time High

Amazon is worth $1 trillion

Money Confessions – Shark Tank Investor Kevin O'Leary

[MRRCF] Maricann Group | Exchange: OTCQB

Maricann Group Inc produces and sells medical marijuana. Its products include Icann oil rich, Icann oil forte, Dark star, God bud, Mango haze 2, Ghost train haze, Amnesia haze, Critical mass, Icann oil balanced, and San fernando valley OG.

To Catch A Trader | FRONTLINE