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$SCR theScore Inc. | TSXV

TheScore Inc creates mobile-first sports experiences, connecting fans to a combination of real-time news, scores, fantasy information, and alerts while creating and curating content that is mobile optimized, comprehensive, customizable, and shareable.


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[VNR] Valener Inc. | Exchange: TSX

Valener Inc is an investment holding company engaged in the regulated energy business in the United States and Canada through Gaz Metro. Its core business operations involve natural gas distribution in Quebec and Vermont as well as electricity distribution in Vermont. The company through its subsidiaries holds the interest in the wind farm business. It serves more than 200,000 customers in Quebec and over 310,000 customers in Vermont.

How Risky Is The Stock Market?

[GBML] Global Battery Metals Ltd. | Exchange: TSXV

Global Battery Metals Ltd is a Canadian exploration and development company. It is engaged in the acquisition, exploration, and development of mineral properties. The company holds interests in Fortner Boyd Lithium Property in Arizona, Leinster Lithium Project in Ireland, Wells Vanadium Project and Lara Property in Peru.

BMO joins rest of Canada's big banks on Veritas' sell list

[BOSQF] Yield Growth Corp | Exchange: OTCQB

The Yield Growth Corp develops cannabis and wellness-related assets which includes acquisition, development, marketing and sales of wellness products and technology solutions. The company develops, sell and license wellness products through its wholly owned subsidiary. The Yield Growth Corp produces products containing cannabis Sativa hemp oil and hemp root oil. Its product offerings include lip balm, anti-aging serum, vitalize daily ritual oil, deodorant, vitalize facial mist, balance facial mist, align facial mist, and others.

[MYT] Urban Tea Inc. | Exchange: Nasdaq

Urban Tea Inc, formerly Delta Technology Holdings Ltd is a Chinese fine and specialty chemical company. It engages in producing and distributing organic compound including para-chlorotoluene, ortho-chlorotoluene, PCT/OCT downstream products, unsaturated polyester resin, and other by-products chemicals. The PCT/OCT products together with its downstream products are used in pharmaceuticals, pesticides, dyes, aerospace, ceramics, and food additives.

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[DCIX] Performance Shipping Inc. | Exchange: Nasdaq

Performance Shipping Inc is a provider of shipping transportation services through its ownership of containerships. The company's vessels are employed primarily on time charters with liner companies carrying containerized cargo along various shipping routes. It owns and operates four container vessels including 2 Post-Panamax and 2 Panamax vessels.

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[DVA] Delivra Corp | Exchange: TSXV

Delivra Corp is a specialty biotechnology company. It is a developer of transdermal technologies for the delivery of pharmaceutical and natural molecules, through the skin. It manufactures and sells natural topical creams under the LivRelief, and LivSport brand. The LivRelief brand, for conditions such as joint and muscle pain, nerve pain, varicose veins, wound healing. The LivSport brand for sports performance.

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[BRM] Biorem Inc. | Exchange: TSXV

Biorem Inc is a pioneer environmental biotechnology company that designs, manufactures and distributes a comprehensive line of high-efficiency air emissions control systems used to eliminate odors, volatile organic compounds, and hazardous air pollutants. The company's products include Biofilters, Biogas Solutions, Multi-Stage Systems, Biotrickling, and services such as Media Sampling and Analysis, Biological Processes and Testing, Media Replacements and Spare Parts, and other related services.

[CVM] CVR Medical Corp. | Exchange: TSXV

CVR Medical Corp is a medical device company commercializing its Carotid Stenotic Scan (CSS), a patented, diagnostic tool that utilizes subsonic, infrasonic, and low-frequency sound wave analysis technology to detect and measure carotid arterial stenosis.

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[LSPD] Lightspeed POS Inc. | Subordinate Voting Shares Exchange: TSX

Lightspeed POS Inc provides omni-channel commerce-enabling SaaS platform. Its software platform provides customers with the functionality it needs to engage with consumers, manage their operations, accept payments, and grow their business. The company sells its platform through direct sales force in North America, Europe, and Australia, supplemented by indirect channels in other countries around the world.


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[HLFFF] Bacon and Butternut Squash Risotto | HelloFresh

[MENE] Mene 24k Investment Jewelry - Golden Renaissance

[MENE] Mene Inc. | Exchange: TSXV

Mene crafts pure 24 karat gold and platinum jewelry that is transparently sold by gram weight. Through, customers may buy jewelry, monitor the value of their collection, and sell or exchange their pieces by gram weight at prevailing market prices.

[HRX] Héroux-Devtek

[HRX] Heroux-Devtek Inc. | Exchange: TSX

Heroux-Devtek Inc designs develop, manufactures and repairs landing gear and actuation systems and components for the aerospace market. It also produces electronic enclosures, heat exchanges, and cabinets for airborne radars, electro-optic systems, and aircraft control through Megatron operations and fluid filters products through its Bolton operations. The company's products are helicopters, jets, military fighter, and transport aircraft, electronic enclosures, heat exchangers, and cabinets.

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[PLWY] Peoplesway.Com Inc. | Exchange: OTC Pink Inc provides web sites for sale of its products, which include health supplements, cosmetics and beauty products to customers, Geographically the products are offered across North America and the Caribbean.

[VRRB] Verb Technology Company Inc. | Exchange: OTCQB

Verb Technology Co Inc, formerly nFusz Inc is an interactive video data collection and analysis applications, provider. It provides customer relationship management, lead generation, and video marketing software applications under the brand name TAGG. The company's software-as-a-service products are cloud-based, accessible on all mobile and desktop devices, and are available by subscription for individual and enterprise users. Its technology is integrated into popular ERP, CRM, and marketing platforms, including Oracle NetSuite, Marketo, Salesforce, Odoo, and Microsoft among others. The company's newest applications include TaggCRM, the premier mobile app for entrepreneurs; TaggMED, for the healthcare industry; TaggEDU, for the education industry; and TaggNGO, for non-profit organizations.

[PFB] PFB Corporation | Exchange: TSX

PFB Corp is a Canadian based firm which is in the business of delivering products and solutions in the areas of manufacturing insulating building products made from expanded polystyrene materials. The company is operating into two business segments based on geographical location namely, Canada where it produces expanded polystyrene (EPS) products and structural insulating panels; and United States of America segment which includes production and sales of EPS, building systems, and structures, design services, and installations. The company possesses market recognition under the brand names, Advantage ICF System, Insulspan, Precision Craft Log, and Timber Homes. Most of its revenue is earned through the Canadian market, while it has a presence in the USA, and other countries.

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[VCOM] Vivere Communities Inc. | Exchange: TSXV

ViveRE Communities Inc, formerly NSX Silver Inc is a real estate company. The company is engaged in the construction of Canadian multi-family residential real estate.

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[CNGA] Conair Corporation Ny | Exchange: OTC Pink

Conair Corp and its subsidiaries are engaged in servicing and installation of commercial air conditioning systems in the New York metropolitan area.

The Rise of Blockchain and the Privacy Risks Associated With It

[XBC] Xebec Adsorption Inc. | Exchange: TSXV

Xebec Adsorption Inc designs, engineers and manufactures products to transform raw gases into marketable sources of clean energy. It offers gas purification, generation and filtration solutions for the natural gas, field gas, biogas and renewable natural gas, helium, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen markets. The firm's product lines are natural gas dryers for natural gas refueling stations; compressed gas filtration; biogas purification; associated gas; engineering services; and air dryers. Firm's product lines classified into three segments: Clean Technology, Industrial Compressed Air and Gas Treatment and Oil and Gas segment.

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Everyday Millionaires: How Ordinary People Built Extraordinary Wealth―and How You Can Too

 Everywhere we turn, we hear negative financial news—that the American Dream is dead or that the little man can’t get ahead. Our culture feeds us the lie that it’s impossible to become a millionaire in America today, but it’s time you heard the truth. In his newest book, Everyday Millionaires: How Ordinary People Built Extraordinary Wealth—and How You Can Too, Chris Hogan destroys millionaire myths that are keeping everyday people from achieving financial independence. Chris and the Ramsey research team surveyed over 10,000 US millionaires, discovering how these high-net-worth people reached their financial status. And the formula might surprise you. Millionaire status doesn’t require inheriting a bunch of money or having a high-paying job. No. The path to becoming a millionaire is paved with more-ordinary tools—tools that you either already have or that you can learn. If you thought you could never become a millionaire, think again. Listen and learn from over 10,000 everyday mil