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[EGLX] Enthusiast Gaming Holdings Inc. | Exchange: TSXV

Enthusiast Gaming Holdings Inc is the fastest-growing online community of video gamers. The company has a platform of over 70 owned and affiliated websites and reaches over 75 million monthly visitors with its curated content. The firm also owns and operates Canada's Enthusiast Gaming Live Expo.

Coincapital STOXX Index Fund

[THNK]  Coincapital STOXX B.R.AI.N. Index Fund |  Exchange: TSX [LDGR]  Coincapital STOXX Blockchain Patents Innovation Index Fund |  Exchange: TSX  Coincapital STOXX Blockchain Patents Innovation Index Fund seeks to replicate, to the extent possible, the performance of the iSTOXX Yewno Developed Markets Blockchain Index, net of expenses. The fund directly or indirectly invests in equity securities of companies from a wide range of industries that have been awarded patents relating to the research and development of technologies related to blockchain. Its manager and the trustee are Coin Capital Investment Management Inc.

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[ZUM] ZNews - Don Dixon Canadian Icon Project

Buffett Expands Real Estate Empire to Middle East With Dubai Office

[HUGE] FSD Pharma Inc - Ordinary Shares - Class B (Sub Voting) Exchange: Canadian Securities Exchange

FSD Pharma Inc is a publicly traded company. FSD through its wholly-owned subsidiary holds an Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulation license to cultivate cannabis.

[ZUM] ZNews Hurricane Hazel - Zoomer Cover Model

[ZUM] ZoomerMedia Limited | Exchange: TSXV

ZoomerMedia Ltd operates as a multimedia company in Canada. It serves 45plus Zoomer demographic through television, radio, magazine, internet, conferences and trade shows. The business activity of the group is organized into business units based on their products and services and has various reportable operating segments which are Television, Radio, Print, Royalty, and Others. It derives the majority of revenue from Television division which consists of the company's specialty and conventional television stations and generates revenue from subscriber fees, the sale of broadcast time and advertising.

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[AMZN] Amazon Is Focusing More on Profitability Than Sales Growth, CommerceIQ C...

[SOP] SOPerior Fertilizer Corp. | Exchange: TSX

SOPerior Fertilizer Corp is a Canada-based exploration and development-stage company. The company's principal activity is to develop projects focused on the production of sulfate of potash (SOP). It focuses on Valleyfield and Blawn Mountain Projects. The firm's Valleyfield project is located in Valleyfield, Quebec, which focuses on utilizing Mannheim technology to produce SOP. The development of the Blawn Mountain Project in Utah involves the exploration, development, and production of mineral resources and is focused on the exploration of alunite in order to produce SOP, co-product sulphuric acid, and alumina. The corporation's development projects are located in the United States of America and Canada.

[BTGN] Bitcoin Generation Inc - Ordinary Shares | Exchange: OTC Pink

Bitcoin Generation Inc is specialized in the development of Blockchain technology application, cryptocurrency mining, and cryptocurrency trading.

[ABS.H] American Biofuels Inc. | Exchange: TSXV

American Biofuels Inc, formerly TransAmerican Energy Inc is engaged in the acquisition, exploration, and development of oil and gas properties and exploring including biofuel resources. The company conducts all of its operations in the United States and Canada.

Uganda To Export Medical Marijuana

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[HCG] Home Capital Group Inc. | Exchange: TSX

Home Capital Group Inc is a specialty finance company that offers residential and commercial mortgage lending, securitization of insured mortgage products, consumer lending, and credit card services. The company also offers deposits via brokers and financial planners, and through its direct-to-consumer deposit brand, Oaken Financial. Home Capital's mortgage lending focuses on homeowners who typically do not meet all the lending criteria of traditional financial institutions. Its consumer lending includes an equity-line program that allows customers to access the equity they have built in their homes.


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[TRUP] Trupanion Coverage: What We Cover

Travisten Pet stock watchlist 2019

[TRUP]  Trupanion Inc. |  Exchange: Nasdaq Trupanion Inc is a specialty insurance products provider in the United States. Its core business is the sale of insurance products tailor-made for pets, especially cats and dogs. The company generates most of its revenue from the subscription fees for the medical insurance plans. The company's medical plan pays most of the actual veterinary costs for accident and illness claims, has no payout limitations, and can be used to cover the costs incurred at any veterinary practice, emergency care center or specialty hospital primarily in the United States and in Canada and Puerto Rico. TRUP Quotes by TradingView [PETS]  PetMed Express Inc. |  Exchange: Nasdaq   PetMed Express Inc along with its and subsidiaries is a leading nationwide pet pharmacy. The company markets prescription and non-prescription pet medications, health products, and supplies for dogs and cats, direct to the consumer. The company gen

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[TLT] Theralase Technologies Inc. | Exchange: TSXV

Theralase Technologies Inc is a biopharmaceutical company in Toronto, Canda focused on the design, development, manufacturing, and sale of patented laser technology used in a wide range of bio-stimulative & bio-destructive clinical applications in patients. The company's operations are divided into two divisions: production of therapeutic laser technology for commercial applications, and research & development of laser-based technologies for the destruction of cancer cells and other disease states.

[ALYA] Alithya Group inc. Class A subordinate voting shares | Exchange: TSX

Alithya Group Inc provides innovative consulting services in the areas of information technology, including systems integration, strategy, and expert recruiting services, mainly in the financial, transportation, telecommunications, health, energy, public sector, and retail verticals.

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$AT AcuityAds Holdings Inc. | TSX

AcuityAds Holdings Inc is active in the technology sector based in the United States. Its business includes the provision of a web-based platform for advertisers to connect to their end users. The programmatic marketing platform includes Acuity's machine learning technology that uses data for real-time advertising on social media. It caters mainly to Fortune 500 enterprises and small to mid-sized businesses. It also distributes its products in Canada, Europe, Middle-East, and Africa.

Week 16 day trade picks : Nasdaq

Ameri Holdings Inc provides SAP cloud and digital enterprise services. It provides services in three categories namely cloud services that enable clients to build and host their applications at lower costs, Digital Services provides mobile solutions, including Simple Advance Planning and Optimization, the IBP/S&OP Mobile Analytics App and the Langer Index; and Enterprise Services that designs, implements and manages Business Intelligence and analytics solutions. The company generates revenue by providing consulting services performed in the fulfillment of written service contracts. AMRH Quotes by TradingView Neuralstem Inc is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company. The company is engaged in research, development, and commercialization of central nervous system therapies based on its human neuronal stem cells and its stem-cell derived small molecule compounds. Its technology base has produced three primary assets: NSI-189 smal

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KTOV Quotes by TradingView Kitov Pharma Ltd is a development stage biopharmaceutical company. It focuses on the development of KIT-302, a combination drug for the simultaneous treatment of two clinical conditions pain caused by osteoarthritis and hypertension; and NT219 which is a fixed-dose combination of two drug products that treat osteoarthritis pain and hypertension simultaneously. The company operates its business in Israel. TRNX Quotes by TradingView MagneGas Corp is a part of the energy markets. The company creates and produces hydrogen-based alternative fuel through the gasification of carbon-rich liquids, including certain liquids and liquid wastes. It also markets, for sale or licensure, its plasma arc technology for the processing of liquid waste. In addition, the Company sells metal cutting fuels and ancillary products through its subsidiary, Equipment Sales, and Service, Inc.

[KIDZ] KIDOZ: The Way Brands and Kids Connect

[KIDZ] Kidoz Inc. | Exchange: TSXV

Shoal Games Ltd is mainly engaged in creating consumer mobile software products and games. The company emphasizes the development and marketing of a platform of interactive games for families and children. Its product includes Rooplay which is a cloud-based system for delivering content on-demand to consumers based on subscription. The company's other products include Garfield's Bingo and Trophy Bingo.

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[HSGX] Histogenics Corporation | Exchange: Nasdaq

Histogenics Corp is a regenerative medicine company. It is focused on developing and commercializing products in the musculoskeletal segment of the marketplace. The company's first product candidate, NeoCart, is a tissue implant that utilizes various aspects of regenerative medicine platform to treat tissue injury in the field of orthopedics, specifically cartilage damage in the knee. Histogenics operates in two geographic regions: The United States (Massachusetts) and Israel (Tel Aviv). Regenerative medicine technologies encompass a variety of therapeutic approaches, including tissue engineering, cell-based therapies, gene therapy, small molecules and biologics, stem cells and biobanking.

[PBL] ScanActiv™ In-Lane Instant Ticket Solution

Pinterest Targets IPO Between $15-$17

[FLKS] Flex Pharma Inc. | Exchange: Nasdaq

Flex Pharma Inc is a US-based biotechnology company which is engaged in the developing proprietary treatments for muscle cramps and spasms associated with severe neurological conditions and exercise-associated muscle cramps. The lead drug product candidate is FLX-787 which is a single molecule, chemically synthesized, TRP ion channel activator and HOTSHOT, which is developed to prevent and treat exercise-associated muscle cramps. It operates through two segments - Consumer Operations and Drug Development. The Consumer Operations segment includes the development of HOTSHOT whereas the Drug Development segment includes the development of proprietary drug products to treat muscle cramps and spasms associated with severe neurological conditions.


SCYNEXIS Inc is a drug development company which focuses on the development and commercialization of novel anti-infectives to address significant unmet therapeutic needs. It is engaged in developing lead product candidate, SCY-078 which is a novel oral and intravenous (IV) drug for the treatment of several fungal infections, including serious and life-threatening invasive fungal infections. The SCY-078 is a novel and structurally distinct triterpenoid glucan synthase inhibitor which is effective in vitro and in vivo against a broad range of Candida and Aspergillus species, including drug-resistant strains.

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[IBIT] CEO & Team Introduce Interbit

[IBIT] Interbit Ltd. | Exchange: TSXV

Interbit Ltd, formerly BTL Group Ltd is a Canada-based technology company. The company is focused on developing a distributed computing platform designed to support the next generation of digital infrastructure.

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[NGEN] NervGen Pharma Corp. | Exchange: TSXV

NervGen Pharma Corp is engaged in discovery, development, and commercialization of pharmaceutical products for the treatment of nerve injuries. The company is advancing a drug candidate called NVG-291 initially for the treatment of spinal cord injury while exploiting its technologies to identify additional therapeutic candidates for other related medical conditions. Its technology targets protein tyrosine phosphatase sigma, a neural receptor that impedes nerve regeneration.

[ANFI] Amira Nature Foods LTD | NYSE

Amira Nature Foods Ltd is the parent company of Amira Pure Foods, the Indian subsidiary that operates a 310,000 square-foot processing and milling facility in basmati rice  paddy-producing regions of North India. Since 2008, the company has been selling products under its Amira brand.

[TWC] Kill the Flip Carson

[TWC] TWC Enterprises Limited | Exchange: TSX

TWC Enterprises Ltd is a leisure services provider in Canada. Its core business is Golf club operations under the brand name ClubLink One Membership More Golf'. Its holdings comprise of White Pass & Yukon Route Railway, including strategic holdings in the port operations and supporting excursions, based in Alaska. The company operates in two segments; Golf Club Operations and Rail and Port Operations. The golf club operation is the primary business organized in metropolitan areas. It offers golfers a wide variety of memberships, corporate events, and resort opportunities. The company derives revenue from its operations in the United States and Canada, with the latter accounting for the major revenues.