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$CSTR Cryptostar Corp. | Exchange: TSXV

CRYPTOSTAR CryptoStar Corp is a cryptocurrency mining company with data centers around the globe. Geographically, it has three segments namely the United States, Canada, and Iceland. The company derives its income from digital currency received for providing mining services to a digital currency blockchain. It generates a majority of revenue from the United States.

Kevin O'Leary: Why UBI Won't Work

[NGTF] Nightfood Holdings Inc. | Exchange: OTCQB

NightFood Holdings Inc has its markets based on the food and snack industry. The company is in the business of manufacturing, marketing and distributing snacks specifically for consumption in the evening. The firm offers the NightFood nutrition bar, which is available in two flavors, namely, Cookies n' Dreams and Midnight Chocolate Crunch. The NightFood nutrition bar is available in select supermarkets, grocery stores, and nutrition stores.


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$MTRX Loop Insights Inc. | TSXV

Loop Insights Inc provides solutions that bridge the gap between digital and physical landscapes. Loop is an automated, plug and play system that integrates with existing infrastructure to personalize consumer's physical and digital journeys. The firm's products and solutions include Analytics, Marketing, Consumer Journey, Dashboards, and others. It caters to diversified industries namely Sports and Entertainment, Telecom, Technology, and Liquor and Beverages.

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[PETS] Where is 1 800 PetMeds located?

Crypto Market Is Cyclic and Maturing, Blockstack CEO Says

Stock Exchanges, a history

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[CFRT] Pasha Brands Ltd - Ordinary Shares | Exchange: Canadian Securities Exchange

Pasha Brands Ltd, formerly Broome Capital Inc is a Canada based craft cannabis organization engaged in the principal business of production and distribution of licensed craft cannabis and craft cannabis-related products for medical purposes. The company is involved in acquiring intellectual properties (Brands) of several craft cannabis producers across the west coast of North America. Some of the brands under the company are Roll Model, Earth Dragon, Grizzlers, Beard Brothers, Aurion, Baked Edibles, CBD Therapeutics, BC Craft Supply, and Theraveda.

[WORK] Slack's Direct Listing Day: A Look Behind the Scenes

[WORK] Slack Technologies Inc. Class A | Exchange: New York Stock Exchange

Slack Technologies Inc is a US-based business technology company. The firm offers an application, Slack, that helps people, tools and information to collaborate to drive the businesses. Slack helps to reduce the communication and coordination efforts to achieve the company's agility. It caters to diversified industries namely Engineering, IT, Customer Support, Project Management, Sales, Marketing and Human Resource.

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Cannabis taxes brought in $186 million since legalization in Canada

[TBTC] Table Trac Inc. | Exchange: OTCQB

Table Trac Inc develops patented proprietary information and management systems that automate and monitor the operations of casino table game operations. It also provides technical support to the casinos. The company mainly operates in the United States, the Caribbean, and countries in Central and South America. It derives the majority of its revenues from system sales.

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[MGI] Ripple + Money Gram Official Partnership - Money Gram Using xRapid + XRP...

How Gold Sector Can Beat Bitcoin

[CHWY] Chewy Inc. Class A | Exchange: New York Stock Exchange

Chewy Inc is a United States-based online destination for pet parents. The company through its website and mobile applications offer including Dry Food, Wet Food, Prescription Food, Human Grade, Food Toppings, and Frozen Food among others.

[CHWY] Behind the Scenes of Chewy's IPO

[ARQL] ArQule Inc. | Exchange: NASDAQ

Arqule Inc is a biopharmaceutical company, engaged in the research and development of therapeutics to treat cancers and rare diseases. The objective of the company is to discover, develop and commercialize novel small molecule drugs in areas of high unmet need that will dramatically extend and improve the lives of the patients. These drugs focus on the biological pathways implicated in a range of cancers and certain non-oncology indications. Geographically, the firm operates through the region of the United States.

Crypto Winter Is Over, Digital Currency Group CEO Says

[CVNA] Carvana - Momentum

[CVNA] Carvana Co. Class A | Exchange: New York Stock Exchange

Carvana Co is an e-commerce platform for buying and selling used cars. The company derives revenue from used vehicle sales, wholesale vehicle sales and other sales and revenues, which includes commissions on VSCs, gains on the sales of automotive finance receivables, interest income received on finance receivables and delivery fee revenues.

$SHMP NaturalShrimp Inc. | OTC

NaturalShrimp Inc is a shrimp farming biotechnology company. The firm with its subsidiaries develops proprietary technologies for the growth and sale of natural shrimp indoors without the use of antibiotics or toxic materials. Its products include Vibrio suppression technology and Automated monitoring and control system.

[CARG] CarGurus Inc. | Exchange: Nasdaq

CarGurus Inc is a US-based company which acts as an online automotive marketplace connecting buyers and sellers of new and used cars. The company provides three types of marketplace Listing products, Basic listings and Enhanced or Featured Listing through which it offers real-time and historical data analyzing the connections and pricing analysis. It also provides all dealers with a web widget to place Deal Rating Badges, which show deal rating. The listing platforms offer auto manufacturers and others to buy advertising on the company's site and target consumers based on the make, model, and zip code of the cars. The company operates through two geographical segments namely United States and International. Most of the company's revenue comes from the United States.

Amazon Is Smart to Launch New Credit Card, Industry Analyst Rossman Says

[GPV] All-Electric GreenPower Synapse School Bus Debut

$GPV GreenPower Motor Company Inc. | TSXV

GreenPower Motor Company Inc is the manufacturer and distributor of an all-electric charter, school and city buses. The company offers electric powered transit bus deploying electric drive and battery technologies with a lightweight chassis and low floor body. Its product line includes All-electric transit buses and All-electric school and shuttle buses. The company's buses depend on clean sheet design and utilize a custom battery management system and a proprietary flex power system for the drive motors.

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[SSFN] Stewardship Financial Corp. | Exchange: Nasdaq

Stewardship Financial Corp is a part of the financial services sector. It operates through the Atlantic Stewardship Bank in providing services such as personal banking, business banking, investment, and e-services. Under its personal banking business, it provides services like cash back checking, ideal checking, statement savings, and money market accounts. It's business banking umbrella comprises of business checking, business savings, and merchant services. The bank also provides mortgages, home equity, commercial loans, and consumer loans.

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[PETS] Do I need to set up an account to order from 1-800-PetMeds?

[LJPC] La Jolla Pharmaceutical Company | Exchange: Nasdaq

La Jolla Pharmaceutical Co is an American biopharmaceutical company. The company's main activity is the discovery, development, and commercialization of innovative therapies that improve patients' life-threatening conditions. The company's portfolio consists of an angiotensin II formulation, which regulates blood pressure; a formulation of hepcidin, an endogenous peptide hormone that regulates iron metabolism; and an antibiotic approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

[HLFFF] Chômeur Pudding Recipe | HelloFresh

$3,000 Gold Price- Popular Guest Back And Doubles Down On Call

[TVK] TerraVest Industries Inc. | Exchange: TSX

TerraVest Industries Inc is an industrial manufacturer focused on acquiring businesses. The company's operating segments are Fuel Containment, Processing Equipment, and Service. The Fuel Containment segment is a provider of products and services to a variety of industries across Canada and the United States. The processing Equipment segment is a fabricator of equipment for various end-markets including upstream and midstream oil and gas processing, agriculture, transportation, and mining. The Service segment provides well servicing to the oil and gas sector in South-Western and Central Saskatchewan.

[APPS] Digital Turbine Inc. | Exchange: Nasdaq

Digital Turbine Inc through its subsidiaries is engaged in media and mobile communications, delivering end-to-end products and solutions for mobile operators, application advertisers, device original equipment manufacturers, and other third parties to enable them to effectively monetize mobile content. The company's operating business segments are Advertising and Content. The Advertising business is comprised of two businesses Operator and OEM, and Advertiser and Publisher. The Content business is comprised of services including Marketplace and Pay.

WHY I TURNED TO DRUGS - Jordan Belfort

[ATXI] Avenue Therapeutics Inc. Exchange: Nasdaq

Avenue Therapeutics Inc is a specialty pharmaceutical company. It is focused on the development and commercialization of an intravenous, or IV, formulation of tramadol HCl, or IV Tramadol, for the management of moderate to moderately severe postoperative pain. The company's primary objective is to establish IV Tramadol as an invaluable part of a treating physician's repertoire of available pharmaceutical options for the management of postoperative pain.

[ICOX] ICOx Innovations Cathio News Release

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New Listing: Voleo Trading Systems (TSXV:TRAD)

[EPY] ePlay Digital Inc. | Exchange: Canadian Securities Exchange

ePlay Digital Inc is a media and sports entertainment company. It offers broadcasting, social media and live streaming services for sports and social media. Its social gaming business includes daily fantasy, pick sheet games, and among others.