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$KODK Eastman Kodak Company Common New New York Stock Exchange

Eastman Kodak Co is a United States-based company. The company operates via several business segments: Print Systems, Enterprise Inkjet Systems, Kodak Software, Brand, Film and Imaging, Advanced Materials and 3D Printing Technology, and Eastman Business Park. The print systems segment which derives majority revenue offers digital and traditional products and services to various businesses, such as commercial print and book publishing, and this segment contributes over half of total revenue. The company has a global business presence, with overseas markets accounting for a majority of revenue.

$GROW U.S. Global Investors Inc. | Nasdaq

US Global Investors Inc is a registered investment advisory firm. The company furnishes an investment program for each of the clients it manages and determines, subject to overall supervision by the applicable board of trustees of the clients, the clients' investments pursuant to an advisory agreement. US Global manages the following business segments: Investment management services; Investment management services - Canada; and Corporate Investments. It derives all its revenue from Investment management services.

$MICT MICT Inc. | Nasdaq

MICT Inc operates through an Israel-based company, Micronet Ltd. It develops, manufactures, integrates, and markets rugged computers, tablets, and computer-based systems and instruments for the commercial, defense, and aerospace markets in the United States, Israel, and internationally. It operates through Mobile Resource Management (MRM) segments which offer mobile computing devices that provide fleet operators and field workforces with mobile computing solutions in challenging work environments. Geographically its business presence is seen in the United States, Israel, and other regions, and the majority revenue is generated from the united states.

$PEIX Pacific Ethanol Inc. | Nasdaq

Pacific Ethanol Inc is a producer and marketer of renewable fuels. It owns and operates several ethanol production facilities distributed across the Western and Midwestern United States. The company operates across two segments: production and marketing. Its production segment includes the production and sale of ethanol and co-products, such as corn oil, distillers grains, and corn gluten meal. Its marketing segment includes the marketing, distribution, and trading of ethanol. The majority of companywide revenue comes from the production and sale of ethanol, with co-products accounting for a smaller portion. Pacific Ethanol's customers are mainly integrated oil companies and gasoline marketers that blend ethanol into their gasoline.

$STKL SunOpta Inc. | Nasdaq

SunOpta Inc is a Canadian company that focuses on a healthy product portfolio. It operates through three segments. Global Ingredients includes the sourcing and sale of organic and non-GMO ingredients, including fruits, oils, and the processing of value-added ingredients including cocoa liquor. Plant-Based Foods and Beverages include plant-based beverages and liquid and dry ingredients (utilizing almond, soy) as well as broths, teas, and nutritional beverages. Fruit-Based Foods and Beverages include individually quick frozen(IQF) fruit for retail(including strawberries, mango), IQF, and bulk frozen fruit for foodservice (including purees, fruit cups, and smoothies), and custom fruit preparations for industrial use. It generates a vast majority of revenues from the Global Ingredients segment.

$CXDO Crexendo Inc. | Nasdaq

Crexendo Inc is a provider of cloud telecom services, broadband internet services, and other cloud business services. The company operates through two segments namely Cloud telecommunications and Web services. Its Cloud telecommunications service segment is engaged in transmitting calls using internet protocol or cloud technology over the internet or cloud which enables the user to access and utilizes services and features. The Web services segment is involved in revenue generation from website hosting and other professional services. In addition, its services are designed to make enterprise-class hosting services available to small, medium-sized, and enterprise-sized businesses. It derives a majority of revenue from the Cloud telecommunications segment.

$GNCA Genocea Biosciences Inc. | Nasdaq

Genocea Biosciences Inc is a US-based biopharmaceutical company that is engaged in developing novel vaccines and immunotherapies to address diseases with significant unmet needs. Its product candidate includes GEN-003 which is an immunotherapy for the treatment of genital herpes as well as it owns pre-clinical immuno-oncology program focused on personalized cancer vaccines. The company focuses on developing vaccines and immunotherapies for unmet needs through its AnTigen Lead Acquisition System, which is used to design vaccines and immunotherapies. Genocea operates its business through the single segment being Developing and Commercializing vaccines.

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$TFFP TFF Pharmaceuticals Inc - Ordinary Shares | Nasdaq

TFF Pharmaceuticals Inc is a biopharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercializing drug products based on its patented Thin Film Freezing, or TFF, technology platform. It is focused on the development of inhaled dry powder drugs for the treatment of pulmonary diseases and conditions.

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$COIN Coin Hodl Inc. | TSXV

Coin Hodl Inc operates as a merchant banking and financial advisory company focused on the small-cap market, with investments in cryptocurrency and blockchain sectors.

$MMEDF Mind Medicine Mindmed Inc. | OTCQB

Mind Medicine Inc is a neuro-pharmaceutical company. The company is engaged in researching developing and deploying psychedelic medicines to improve health and wellness.

$SHRMF Champignon Brands | OTCQB

Champignon Brands Inc is engaged in the formulation and distribution of artisanal mushroom-infused beverage products and health supplements for wellness. The company distributes its products under its brand Vitality Supertea, the products include Brain Enhance Supertea, Nourish Force Supertea, Mighty Recharge Supertea, and Deluxe Tea Box Set. The Company derives revenues from the sale of tea products and the resale of Auralite minerals.

$RVVTF Revive Therapeutics Ltd. | OTC Pink

Revive Therapeutics Ltd is focused on the research, development, and commercialization of novel psychedelic and cannabinoid-based life sciences products and drug repurposing for infectious diseases. The firm's technology is being developed to fill the medical needs for diseases and disorders such as pain, inflammation, and wound care.

$EDNT Edison Nation Inc. | Nasdaq

Edison Nation Inc provides toy products as well as sell packaging and packaging materials. The firm has two reportable segments namely SRM and Fergco's : SRM segment engages in design, manufacture and sale of a broad variety of innovative toy products sold directly to retailers or direct to consumers via e-commerce,the Fergco segment design, manufacture and sale packaging and packaging materials to industrial and pharmaceutical companies.

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$PLUG Fuel Cells Power Ground Support Equipment

$EBON Ebang International Holdings Inc. | Nasdaq

Ebang International Holdings Inc is an application-specific integrated circuit, or ASIC, chip design company and a manufacturer of high performance Bitcoin mining machines. The company's Ebit E10 model, is a commercial mining machine that uses 10 nm ASIC chips among other mining machine producers. It operates in single segment selling of Bitcoin mining machines and related accessories, telecommunications products and provision of management and maintenance services.

$NBVA Decryption in Action: TLS Visibility For Pinned Certificates and Dropbox

$WIMI WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc. | NASDAQ

WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc and its subsidiaries offer augmented reality (AR) based holographic services and products to cater to its customers. The company's holographic AR advertising software enables users to insert into video footages real or animated three-dimensional objects that integrate seamlessly within the scene of such footages. The operating business segments are Augmented reality advertising services, and AR entertainment. The company derives substantial portion of their revenues from AR advertising services segment. Geographically, the company operates in Shenzhen and Hong Kong, where the derives maximum revenue from Shenzhen, People's Republic of China.

$OSMT Osmotica Pharmaceuticals plc | Nasdaq

Osmotica Pharmaceuticals PLC is a fully-integrated biopharmaceutical company. It is focused on developing, manufacturing and commercializing specialty products. The product portfolio of the group includes specialty neurology and women's health products, which are primarily complex formulations of generic drugs. Osmotica has a late?stage development pipeline by two NDA candidates that recently completed Phase III clinical trials: arbaclofen ER for spasticity in multiple sclerosis patients and RVL?1201 for the treatment of acquired blepharoptosis, or droopy eyelid.

$BWEN Broadwind Inc. | Nasdaq

Broadwind Inc, formerly Broadwind Energy Inc provides technologically value products to energy, mining, and infrastructure sector customers in the United States of America. It operates through three operating segments namely Heavy Fabrications segment manufactures towers for wind turbines, specifically the large and heavier wind towers that are designed for multiple megawatt wind turbines; Gearing segment engineers, builds and remanufactures precision gears and gearing systems for oil and gas, wind energy, mining, steel, and other industrial applications; Industrial Solutions segment which provides contract manufacturing services throughout the U.S. and in foreign countries, primarily supporting the natural gas turbine power generation market.

$QUMU Qumu Corporation | Nasdaq

Qumu Corp provides software solutions to create, manage, secure, distribute, and measure the success of live and on-demand video for enterprises. The Qumu platform enables global organizations to drive employee engagement, increase access to video, and modernize the workplace by providing a more efficient and effective way to share knowledge. The company markets its products to customers primarily in North America, Europe, and Asia.

$CPSH CPS Technologies Corp. | Nasdaq

CPS Technologies Corp provides material solutions to the transportation, automotive, energy, computing/Internet, telecommunications, aerospace, defense, and oil and gas end markets. Its primary material solution is metal matrix composites (MMCs), which are a class of materials consisting of a combination of metal and ceramic. The company designs, manufactures and sells custom MMC components, which manages the performance and reliability of systems in the end markets. It also provides baseplates and housings used in radar, satellite and avionics applications. The company provides lids and heat spreaders used with integrated circuits in Internet switches and routers.

$UMRX Unum Therapeutics Inc. | Nasdaq

Unum Therapeutics Inc is an US based clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company. it is focused on the development and commercialization of novel immunotherapy products designed to harness the power of a patient's immune system to cure cancer.

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$XPEL XPEL VISION Home Window Film - Customer Testimonial - San Antonio, TX

$NBVA Nubeva Technologies Ltd. | TSXV

Nubeva Technologies Ltd is a Canada based company. Its only reportable segment being the development and commercialization of software to support the provision of cloud-based security. It earns revenue from the license of its software and services.

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$FTEK Fuel Tech Inc. | Nasdaq

Fuel Tech Inc is an technology provider of boiler optimization, efficiency improvement, and air pollution reduction to utility and industrial customers. The company operates in two segments, Air Pollution Control and FUEL CHEM. The Air Pollution Control technology segment includes technologies to reduce NOx emissions in flue gas from boilers, incinerators, furnaces and other stationary combustion sources. The FUEL CHEM technology segment uses chemical processes in combination with advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics and Chemical Kinetics Modeling boiler modeling for the control of slagging, fouling, corrosion, opacity and other sulfur trioxide-related issues in furnaces and boilers through the addition of chemicals into the furnace using TIFI Targeted In-Furnace Injection technology.

$SANW S&W Seed Company | Nasdaq

S&W Seed Co is a multi-crop, middle-market agricultural company. It is engaged in breeding, production and sale of alfalfa seed and sorghum seed. It also has a growing commercial market presence in sunflower and maintain an active stevia development program. The company's seed platform develops and supplies germplasm designed to produce higher yields for farmers worldwide. It produces approximately 250 seed products in the Western United States, Canada, Australia, Europe and South Africa for sale in more than 30 countries.

$AYRO AYRO Inc. | Nasdaq

AYRO Inc designs and delivers compact, emissions-free electric fleet solutions for use within urban and short-haul markets. Capable of accommodating a broad range of commercial and consumer requirements, AYRO's vehicles are safe, affordable, efficient and sustainable logistical transportation. Its products are Club Car 411 and AYRO 311.

$SOLO Electrameccanica Vehicles Corp. Ltd. | Nasdaq

Electrameccanica Vehicles Corp Ltd is a designer and manufacturer of electric vehicles. The Company builds the all-electric SOLO, a single passenger vehicle developed to revolutionize the way people commute, as well as the Tofino, an elegant high-performance two-seater electric roadster sports car. Both vehicles are tuned for an incredible driving experience while making commute more efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Intermeccanica, a subsidiary of Electrameccanica, has successfully been building high-end specialty cars for 60 years.

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