Play to Earn: PipeFlare is a small website that hosts a few arcade games as well as a faucet for cryptocurrencies like ZCash (ZEC), Dogecoin (DOGE), and its own currency, Flare Token (FLR). On this platform, you can claim small amounts of cryptocurrency every day, compete in cryptocurrency tournaments, and buy/sell NFTs.
The PipeFlare platform enjoys rewarding its loyal users, so it has set up a multiplier that rewards those who use the faucet on a regular basis. You will receive bonuses for every 5 consecutive days that you claim your rewards, which will multiply your earnings on each claim. Those bonuses can be multiplied up to X3.5! PipeFlare, in my opinion, is a fantastic faucet for earning decent amounts of cryptocurrency with little to no effort. You can earn and multiply your earnings in a variety of ways, and all you need to do is sign in daily to begin receiving payments.


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