Azimuth Finance | PRE-LAUNCH

Innovative DEFI ecosystem Azimuth Finance provides $AZM holders with passive income. It is made to make stable coin farming, mining, and the production of other trustworthy crypto assets and instruments easier. 1. Farming for yield with an annual APY of up to 4282%
2. Daily fixed APR mining of stable cryptocurrencies with a maximum of 10.35%
3. Daily passive income for owners of our platform nodes
4. Audit from the KYC Team, SolidityFinance, TechRate, and SolidProof

Every $AZM transaction will burn 1% of the currency. Additionally, during the first month after the platform's introduction, 4% of the $AZM supply will be incinerated.

The top audit firms in the sector, including TechRate, SolidityFinance, and SolidProof, have examined Azimuth Finance, ensuring the security and general calibre of our smart contracts.
The team will hold back 1% of the tokens that will be gradually unlocked over the course of 36 months in accordance with their tokenomics strategy.